Frequently asked questions

1.  How do your services work?

We sell templates to help you create funeral programs.   Just select a template from our site and download it to your computer.  Insert your pictures and information, save and print on your home computer.  You can print out as many copies as you need.  You can also take your funeral program file to an office supply store or a print and copy shop and have them print your programs.

2.  What software programs do I need to use your templates?

You will need Microsoft Word 2003, 2007 or 2010 to use our templates (NOT Microsoft WORKS).  If you do not have Microsoft Word installed on your computer, you may be able to download a trial version from the Microsoft Website.  Here is the link to the trial version of the software --

3.  I have a MAC, can I use the templates?

Yes...our templates work with MAC.  You just have to have Microsoft Word 2002 or higher, or any Microsoft Word Compatible Software (Like Apple Pages).

4.  What can I change on my template?

You can change ALL TEXT on our Funeral Program Templates.  Feel free to change the title of your funeral program to something more suiting.  For example, you can change "In Loving Memory" to "In Remembrance" or "Remembering Her Life".  All poems can be changed, and additional poems, scriptures and notes can be added.  You can also change font types and styles, add pictures, clipart and changed all text colors and sizes.

5.  Are your templates easy to use?

Yes!  If you are familiar with Microsoft Word, than you can easily use our templates.  Since the templates are pre-formatted, all you have to do is open the template, click in the textbox and replace the text with your specific information and add your photos.  ALL TEXT is customizable.  Add funeral hymns, funeral scriptures an obituary, order of service and photo collages.  Be as creative as you want!

6.  What kind of Customer Support will I get?

You can call customer support at 01977 700108 with any general or technical questions that you may have. 

7.  Do I need a special printer to print?

No, our templates print beautifully on any standard ink jet or laser printer.

8.  Is it safe to enter my personal information on your website?

Yes.  Our payments are handled by PayPal, which is one of the most well-known payments processing companies. Both methods are secure methods of payment.

9.  How do I place an order on your website?

Purchasing your funeral program template is quick and easy

1.  Browse our funeral program template design gallery to choose a template and "Add to Cart".
2.  Checkout and pay with credit card on our secure site or Pay with Paypal account.
3.  Once payment is complete, you will receive an email that will contain a link to your funeral program template file (in the same working day). You can also download your template from the account details section of our website.
4.  Click link to download your file, and begin creating your funeral program!

10.  How long will it take to get my template?

You will receive your template within the working day. If you are experience problems getting your template, please call us at 01977 700108 or Contact Us.

11.  Can I re-use my Template?

Yes, you can use your templates as many times as you want.

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